So, what can Shibe Helper do for you? Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Wallet View
    • View your wallet’s Dogecoin balance
    • Shows value in USD
    • Quickly add a wallet by scanning a QR code


  • Mining Pool View
    • view numerous pool stats, including:
      • your pool hashrate (which can fluctuate quite a bit)
      • your pool balance (confirmed/unconfirmed)
      • how long the pool has been working on the current block
      • your proportional reward once the block is solved
      • how long the last block took to solve, and what the reward was
    • quickly add a pool by scanning your account’s QR code


  • Mining Calculator
    • Input your hashrate, power usage, power cost and hardware cost
    • Lookup latest conversion rate and network stats
    • Get daily, weekly, monthly profit and time to break even