What’s next?

My mining rig is noisy. It has a couple of video cards in it with whirring fans on them and an external fan pointed at it. It’s also in my living room, where my TV is. To watch TV, I have to go upstairs, fire up my computer, log into my rig, bring up the cgminer screen and turn down the intensity on each card to quiet down the fans.

This is annoying.

I don’t like being annoyed, so I’ve decided to add basic support for cgminer (and its derivatives, like sgminer) to Shibe Helper! As long as you’re on the same network as your rig, you’ll be able to view a bunch of stats about the rig and control certain parameters.

How long will this take?

I’m not sure – hopefully I’ll have something ready in a week or two, plus however long the app store approval takes. I might just release some basic read-only functionality like checking hashrates/GPU temp/pool first, then a more thorough set of stats and control later (possible as a “Pro” version).